CPD Exceeds Recruitment Goals; Seeks 30 More For Next Police Academy Class
There isn’t a headline we would be more pleased to write than this. After only a few months of effective leadership, the Columbus Police Department saw an uptick in recruitment that exceeded goals for the current academy class. Now, CPD is seeking motivated candidates for the next class. Explore the full story for the details on how your skills and dedication are in high demand to protect our community.
An artistic expression of the Columbus, Georgia Police Department’s shoulder sleeve insignia, superimposed on a colorized image of the city’s Public Safety Building. CPD exceeded its recruitment goal for the September academy class and is now seeking motivated candidates for the next class in January.
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COLUMBUS, Ga. — The Columbus Police Department has exceeded its recruitment goal for the current police academy class this September, showing a complete reversal from trends in previous years.

The uptick in recruitment success comes just a few short months after a change in the department’s leadership to Interim Chief Stoney Mathis.

In a video released by CPD to their Facebook page on the evening of September 6, 2023, Officer Andrew Phillips of the CPD’s recruiting division explained the department’s recent success.

According to Phillips, Chief Mathis had previously set a goal for the department to recruit 30 new officers for the current September class of the department’s police academy. 

Phillips said that through the help of community relations, social media, and media partners, the department was able to exceed that goal with 33 candidates currently standing ready to attend the September academy class.

That 10% surpassment is an astounding uptick that CPD and the Columbus community at-large should truly be proud of. 

Phillips emphasized that the department’s job is not yet done. With vacancies still left to fill, the department now has a new goal of recruiting an additional 30 officers for the academy’s next class in January 2024:

“I need your help in finding those outstanding people who want to serve their community and join us at the Columbus Police Department and become officers — so help us by going to ProtectColumbus.com.”

Do you have what it takes? Your skills and dedication to our community are in high demand! 

Benefits include:

  • A career in one of the most rewarding and honorable fields on the planet.
  • Training and leadership from some of the most seasoned & experienced officers in the nation.
  • Starting Salary of $50,121, plus a possible $5k pay raise currently in development by Chief Mathis
  • Competitive Benefits
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Paid Leave — Vacation, Sick, & Holidays
  • $2,400 Georgia P.O.S.T. Certificate Incentive
  • Retirement Pension & Longevity Pay
  • Full Salary While At Police Academy
  • Uniform & Equipment Provided
  • Take-Home Car, even for Alabama Residents!

We at the Muckraker would like to thank the outstanding men and women of the Columbus Police Department for their tireless work, their extreme dedication and professionalism, and their relentless patience over the past several months. 

There has never been a better time to be a Columbus Police Officer — and there are few things to be more proud of than that.

Join Today. Protect Tomorrow.

Learn how at ProtectColumbus.com

Facts are stubborn things — and we’ll keep publishing them, whether city officials like them or not.


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